Monday 24 October 2016 by Formelia Alberthine

Gay baker sued after refusing to make Angel cake for Christian couple

Angel Cake

A gay baker who refused to make an Angel cake at the request of a Christian couple is to be sued for behaving like a religious bigot, according to reports.

Simon Williams, Head Baker at Rising Boys in Basildon, reportedly refused his Christian customers’ request because the cakes religious connotations jarred with his sexual preferences.

A spokesman for Rising Boys told us, “It’s really very simple.

“The cake’s Angelic name placed it firmly at odds with the bakers’ lifestyle choices.

“Rising Boy’s will normally do anything – and I mean anything – you ask of them – but when you start asking us to treat these ‘religious’ people like normal 21st-century citizens of the world, then you’ve got yourself a problem.

“I can assure you – we’ll make you the very best fairy cake in any size you like, but if someone goes around talking about a two-thousand-year-old book like it’s a manual for life, then we have no choice but to refuse their custom.

“Did you know that their book says you can be put to death if you’re rude to your parents? That’s just one example, it’s barbaric, and shouldn’t be tolerated in modern British society – by bakers or anyone.”

The couple, Mr and Mrs Smythe, claim they were unaware of the bakers’ sexual proclivity and would never have entered the premises had they known just how fruity their hot cross buns really were.

“I mean this must run contrary to health and safety rules and regulations – a gay man making and handling cakes for public consumption?” Mr Smythe told reporters.

“Urgh, just…urgh – the thought makes me want to drop to my knees and beg forgiveness from the local clergyman.”

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