Calling racists racist is ‘racist’, say racists

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A group of prominent racists have hit out at people who call them racists, claiming that to call them racists is, in itself, racist.

Simon Williams, a dung taster and racist from West Sussex made the claims by overusing the word ‘actually’ and ignoring logic.

“Actually,” he said, inevitably.

“There is this large group of white people who hold the sort of views that I do about black people and that.

“So, what other people do is label this large group of white people as racists, which is insulting and derogatory.

“When we use insulting and derogatory words about black people then people say we’re racist, so therefore, people who call us racist must actually be racists themselves against white people. Actually.”

“I mean, that’s just common sense.”

Eleanor Gay, a Professor of semantics and etymology was the only person who could be bothered to comment

“Hmm, yes,” she said.

“I’ve given Mr Williams’ claims the sort of in-depth study and consideration that they deserve, which is to say I glanced at them whilst I was on the loo.

“It is my considered opinion that they can be ignored because, like all racists, Mr Williams is just a colossal prick who can’t fuck off enough.”