Audi’s self-driving cars will give owners option to disable indicators

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The experience of being an Audi driver will not be lost once the car firm releases its range of self-driving vehicles, according to executives for the company.

Many Audi drivers have questioned the company’s move into autonomous vehicles, saying it threatens what it means to truly be an Audi driver.

However, Marketing Director Simon Williams explained, “We know that there is no greater thrill as an Audi driver than changing lanes on a whim without moving your hands from the steering wheel.

“Imposing your will onto other lesser drivers without letting them know what you’re planning to do is quintessentially Audi, and we will be taking that into the future with our new technology.

“Our autonomous vehicles will have a ‘classic mode’ for Audi enthusiasts. It will disable the indicators and remove the safety protocols that will allow you to follow the car in front just inches from their bumper.

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“It will also automatically flash them if they don’t get out of the way quickly enough.

“Trust us, if you love driving an Audi, you’re going to love being driven by one.”

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