Woman says that nothing is the matter and means it

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A woman has responded to the question “Is something the matter?” with a negative answer and meant it.

Concerned by his girlfriend’s lengthy silence, Simon Williams asked her if there was anything wrong, only to be met with an entirely honest reply of ‘no’.

His girlfriend had simply been in a silent and thoughtful mood, and was not in any way blanking Simon or punishing him for something he was entirely unaware of.

“It would be childish and unacceptable for me to seek to punish someone with silence, rather than telling them my concerns in a direct and open way so they could be discussed like grown-ups,” she told him.

“Even worse would be saying things like ‘You should know’ when the person asking clearly doesn’t, without giving any further clues and making them run through recent memories in order to guess what he’s done now.

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“I assure you, I’m an adult and would never behave in such a pathetic manner,” she concluded before crossing her arms and returning to silently watching The Fall on iPlayer.

Describing the experience as a weight off his mind, Simon went back to messaging his ex whilst cutting his toenails on the settee without any further concerns.