Radiohead accused of selling out

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Fans of little-known indie rock band Radiohead have accused the band of selling out after they signed to play the Glastonbury festival.

The group, whose refusal to go commercial and release accessible music has endeared them to a small but hardcore base over the years, will appear on the main stage at the festival – which fans fear may be their ‘big break’.

Fans of the band spoke to us of their fear that appearing on television might go to singer Thom Yorke’s head and he might lose the everyman, common touch that is the key to his charm.

“The worst thing that could happen is for Radiohead to go mainstream,” he told us.

“Part of being a Radiohead fan is that we’re a small, tight-knit group. Everyone knows everyone else and the band usually join us at the bar after gigs for a few pints and to swap stories. There’s a real camaraderie which I’m afraid we’ll lose.

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“Next thing we know they’ll be swearing off the real ale and King Size Benson & Hedges and going all Hollywood on us. Probably go vegan and cop off with a film star or something.”

Fans of the group plan to hire a van and all drive down to Worthy Farm together for what they worry will be the last time Radiohead are ‘their’ band.

“It’s going to be a bit like a Pilgrimage,” Simon told us.

“After Glastonbury weekend, it won’t be just us who know who Radiohead are anymore. End of an era, really.”