Free racist Lego with this weekend’s Mail on Sunday

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Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Mail on Sunday this weekend as they have an exclusive special offer of a free racist Lego set for your child.

With three different options to choose from, your free Mail on Sunday racist Lego will be a delight to kids of all ages.

Perhaps you’ll get the Lego racist thug. Which features an angry, racist Legoman with no hair and a Union Jack shirt screaming into the face of a terrified Lego Pakistani schoolboy in a provincial Lego shopping precinct.

You may get the Little Englander set, in which a middle-aged Lego figure is in mid eye-roll as he casts an eye down his street that used to be home to decent white, English Legomen and women, and spies an Indian family moving into their new Lego home. Probably given to them as a free state handout.

Or, finally, you might be lucky enough to receive the Lego UKIP politician set. Imagine the fun you and your children can having playing with an overweight Legoman as he convinces other, credulous Legomen that the reason for all the Lego unemployment is a fictional influx of Polish Legomen – it even comes with special, limited edition Lego pint and Lego cigarette.

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With the free Mail on Sunday racist Lego, there’s sure to be good honest, white, English Lego fun throughout the day in your house.

Next week: the Mail on Sunday features special racist Chrysanthemum seeds.

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)

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