BBC presenters should only express opinions in columns we’ve paid them to write, say The Sun

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The Sun newspaper has strongly criticised Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker after he expressed an opinion that they didn’t pay for.

The paper’s front page insisted there was ‘fury’ that Lineker expressed a point of view while being employed by the BBC.

“The BBC is supposed to be impartial, so Lineker should keep his opinions to himself,” insisted the nation’s favourite tabloid.

“If he can’t keep his opinions to himself then he should have the decency to make up some new ones that our readers agree with.

“Much like Jeremy Clarkson used to do for us on a weekly basis when he presented Top Gear, on the BBC.”

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Licence fee holder and Sun ‘reader’ Simon Williams told us, “How dare Gary Lineker express an opinion I don’t agree with, doesn’t he know that he basically works for me?

“I want my BBC presenters to hold nice middle-of-the-road political opinions, just like that lovely Clarkson fellow.”

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