Windows installs update at convenient time

author avatar by 7 years ago

A copy of Windows 10 installed an update at a time convenient to its owner yesterday.

Office worker Simon Williams was not in the middle of database management, writing anything important or trying to shut down so he could go home when the update occurred, leaving him confused and slightly scared.

Instead, he had been chatting with his co-worker Dave about Newcastle United’s chance of promotion this season when the update took place meaning he entirely missed it.

Microsoft has apologised for the event, saying that their policy is to monitor user activity and force updates at the worst possible time, every time.

“This is clearly unacceptable, and we’ve already started an investigation into who made our software user-friendly and helpful so we can make sure they never work in this industry again,” a spokesman for Microsoft told us.

“Our users expect a certain level of service from us, and that includes their computer stopping working for essential updates right when they’re on a deadline.”

To look into what might have caused the problem, Microsoft has promised to run a full diagnostic on Simon’s computer which they will perform when he’s rushing to get that report finished for his boss.