Trump not accepting election result ‘very different’ to me not accepting EU referendum result, claims Remainer

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Refusing to accept the result of a democratic vote is only wrong when Donald Trump does it, according to many Remainers today.

With presidential hopeful Donald Trump refusing to pledge he will abide by the result of the US general election, Remain voter Simon Williams insisted it couldn’t be more different to his demands for another EU referendum.

He told us, “Donald Trump saying the election is rigged before a vote is even cast is disgusting and throws a huge shadow over the entire democratic process in America.

“But me wanting another EU referendum is very different – because I only said the result shouldn’t stand after I knew the result.”

Further differences have been highlighted by Williams who insists that demanding a democratic vote be completely ignored is ‘perfectly democratic when I do it’.

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He went on, “Donald Trump is a reckless billionaire megalomaniac so bound up in his own dangerous rhetoric that everything he says should be immediately condemned. Whereas I’m a middle-class accountant from Basingstoke doing whatever I can to protect the future of my country – so to try and draw parallels between the two of us is pointless.

“Remember, the democratically expressed will of the people is absolutely sacrosanct, unless of course, they were stupid enough to vote for something I disagree with, in which case we need to do it all again.”

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