Millions of Hillary supporting humanoids ready to begin stealing election from Trump

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Millions of fake Americans are ready to be delivered to Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters to await distribution to the districts in which they will vote.

With the election now only days away, Clinton strategists are keen to ensure the humanoids tasked with stealing the election from Donald Trump are in tip-top shape and ready to perform on the 8th November.

Clinton strategist Chuck Williams said, “We’re proud of the humanoid programme, and we’re sure it will be the difference between losing to Donald Trump, and winning the White House.

“They’ll be sent to polling stations across the nation to place fake votes for Hillary Clinton, to rip the presidency away from Donald Trump.

“Sure, it does seem like the Trump campaign is on to us and our dastardly plan, finally, but we’re confident that our humanoids are capable of fooling even those most ardent Trump supporter.

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“If challenged, they’re programmed to offer phrases such as ‘Build the wall’, ‘make America great again’ and ‘guns are great’ – we’re confident that will be enough to get passed anyone challenging voters at polling stations.

“If all else fails, they’ll simply wear a red trump cap and punch an immigrant.”

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