Thursday 20 October 2016 by Neil Tollfree

‘I’ll take to the hills and wage guerrilla campaign against Clinton’ warns Trump

Donald Trump debates performance

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has vowed to fight Hillary Clinton ‘to the last,’ even if it means taking a small, trusted band of Tea Party insurgents to the hills and waging an all-out guerrilla war.

His pledge came after being questioned during a TV debate as to whether he’ll accept the outcome of the election should he lose.

“No! The Clinton woman is going down,” he snarled.

“I’ve seen Red Dawn. I know how to wage an insurgency campaign from the hills.

“I’ve got good people behind me. Dick Cheney once shot a man in the face, and Sarah Palin has great hair.”

It is understood that Mr Trump privately believes his Presidential bid is over, and is stockpiling food, weapons, and toupees in the Black Hills of Wyoming.

“We’ll hit Clinton where it hurts,” promised a Trump supporter.

“Private email suppliers, pantsuit manufacturers. We target those and Clinton’s in a whole mess of trouble.”

Suspicion has been growing that Mr Trump plans to take to the hills since a rally earlier this week in Houston where he arrived in a flat back truck, stripped to the waist, wearing a bandana, and toting an automatic weapon.

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