Brexiter who stayed quiet as economy lost billions loses shit over 39 immigrant children

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A Brexiter who has been conspicuous by his absence during discussions of the falling pound, rising inflation and slower economic growth has absolutely lost his shit over 39 immigrant children being allowed into the country.

Simon Williams, 35, said that letting children who don’t look like the very young children he’s used to into the country sets a dangerous precedent, as terrorists can pretend to be children who don’t look like the children he used to.

When questioned why he thought 39 well-vetted children who are to be reunited with their families in the UK was a massive problem, when an economy losing billions due to the shock of Brexit is not worth talking about, he told us “We won, get over it.”

He went on, “I voted to leave the EU so we shouldn’t have to take in any children that look like they might need to shave.

“Sure, I mean, yes, I had sideburns and a goatee when I was 17, but that’s different, I was born here. It was British facial hair, none of this dark foreign terroristy-looking facial hair.

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“These so-called children have only passed every check the Home Office performed on them, had their papers examined and investigated, and are coming here to be with proven relatives – so how do we know they’re really children?

“So just shut up with your tales of economic catastrophe and look at this photo of a kid who looks 25!”

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