I am capable of articulating whichever argument is most politically convenient at the time, confirms Boris

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Boris Johnson has explained his pro-EU Sunday Times article by explaining that as a career politician he can argue whichever side of an issue offers him the greatest political gain.

Explaining the fact that he had written a piece which insisted that staying in the EU was the best thing for the country, Boris said writing the article confirmed that it wasn’t the best thing for him.

He told reporters, “I put both arguments together, to Leave and to Remain, and it became perfectly clear to me that only one of them led to me potentially becoming Prime Minister.

“So that’s the one I chose. Of course, the whole thing was ballsed up by that Pob-faced hobgoblin Michael Gove, but the plan itself was sound.

“I don’t see why me choosing the side which was most beneficial to me personally is such a shock people? You didn’t think I’d try to do what was best for the country did you? How splendidly naive.

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“Is it true that some people are still under the impression that professional politicians have core beliefs that we stick to even if they prove to be politically inconvenient? That’s patently ridiculous, we’re not all bloody Jeremy Corbyn you know.”