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Labour challenges government to a 170 question Brexit pub quiz

Brexit Pub quiz

Labour has renewed pressure on the Government over plans for Europe, by challenging leading Brexit ministers to a marathon 170 question Brexit pub quiz.

The 170 questions are one for every day leading up to Theresa May’s deadline for triggering formal talks and consist of a picture round, a music round, and a particularly fiendish anagram round.

“I challenge David Davis, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, and if they can find another Tory who thinks that Brexit is a good idea, then that will make four, otherwise we’ll call it a three man team,” said Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson.

“We’ll meet in the Angel pub on Islington High Street at about 8pm, then have a few drinks, then at 9pm sharp, the Brexit pub quiz begins.

“No phones.”

The Tories are said to be rattled by the challenge

“We’re not sure how to play this,” said one Tory who wished to remain anonymous.

“If there are questions like ‘How much money will go to the NHS following Brexit?’ ‘What posh, blond, careerist maniac on a bike failed to become Prime Minister after ballsing the country right up?’ Or even ‘What language do they speak in France?’ Then we could end up looking quite foolish.”

Labour has denied that the 170 question pub quiz is just a gimmick.

“Absolutely not, the Labour party would never stoop to cheap political gimmicks,” said Mr Watson.

“You can carve that into a giant pledge stone, and put it in a car park in Hastings.”

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