Mike Hookem through to next round of UKIP leadership contest

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Mike “Hook ‘em” Hookem has booked his place in the next round of the UKIP leadership contest after knocking out fellow MEP Steven Woolfe. 

Hookem, the UKIP MEP for North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, surprised party members by defeating Woolfe, who had been the pre-fight bookies’ favourite to win the leadership.

“I knew it would be a tough bout,” said Hookem afterwards.

“Steven is a difficult opponent, he’s fast on his feet and difficult to lay a glove on, but he moved too far to the left and I caught him flush.”

There were concerns for Steven Woolfe after he lost consciousness following the bout, however he is understood to be making a full recovery.

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“We were a bit worried when Mr Woolfe came into the hospital,” said Dr Francois Bertrand, who treated the UKIP MEP.

“When he came round he was confused and talking gibberish, he didn’t seem to be making any sense at all. Then someone pointed out that he was from UKIP and we realised this was normal.”

Hookem will now take on the winner of the Paul “Nutjob” Nuttall and “Iron” Suzanne Evans fight for a place in the next round.