Farage: Leadership favourite Steven Woolfe at risk of ‘sleeping with the fishes’ following altercation

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UKIP leadership favourite Steven Woolfe had ‘a little accident’ at a meeting of UKIP MEPs in Strasbourg today, and is currently in danger of ‘sleeping with the fishes’, Nigel Farage has announced on Twitter.

It is understood that Woolfe was punched by a fellow UKIP member, possibly at the bidding of an unnamed third party who wished to send Woolfe his regards.

Woolfe is thought to be considering a second UKIP leadership bid following abortive talks with the Conservative party this week about the possibility of switching sides.

However, today’s events will fuel speculation that his attempt to defect has dented his chances of winning party support, and conversely increased his chances of wearing concrete shoes.

“We are shocked and saddened by the news that Steven has had a little accident,” said Farage, who, despite having repeatedly tried to get out, claims to have been pulled back in and is now interim party leader.

“He’s an outstanding politician with a beautiful family to whom it would be a real shame if anything were to happen.”