Wednesday 5 October 2016 by Rob Hearn

Government will force companies to reveal how many Labour voters they employ

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Home secretary Amber Rudd has outlined proposals for new legislation requiring companies to reveal how many Labour voters and other lefty dissidents they employ.

Speaking at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham, Rudd explained that the UK government will apply quotas to ensure that the number of hippies in gainful employment is kept within sustainable limits.

“This isn’t about naming and shaming,” Rudd explained. “It’s about giving real Britons, and by that I mean Conservative voters, every possible chance to get ahead in life and safeguard their futures.

“Of course,” she continued, “we will always welcome Labour voters into the employment market if they can demonstrate that they have the intelligence and ideological flexibility to fit in with our cherished neo-liberal cutthroat traditions, but it must be on our terms.”

Rudd’s proposal – one of many under consideration – is aimed at helping the government to meet its target of reducing the number of lefties, “to the low tens of thousands,” amid concerns that the lax regime of the last Labour government has allowed socialism to reach unmanageable levels.

Defending her comments on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, following widespread criticism from business leaders, Rudd argued that it should be possible to address the issue of liberals without being accused of discrimination.

“It’s all very well for the metropolitan elite to claim that socialism isn’t an issue,” she insisted, “but for people in communities across the country who are seeing school places, GP appointments, and jobs going to bloody lefty hippy trots, it’s a real problem, and this government will act.”

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