Theresa May unveils ‘Brexit Zero’

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Theresa May has unveiled her new EU product ‘Brexit Zero’ under the slogan “Same great laws, 0% of the influence”.

Confirming that she won’t change a single word of the traditional great taste of EU law, the Prime Minister pledged to reduce the UK’s influence content to nil to satisfy customer demand.

The Prime Minister told reporters that the government has had a lot of feedback from consumers that they felt the influence content of Brexit was far too high, and she said it was a priority for the government to bring it down to nothing within the next few years.

Meanwhile, she assured listeners that the legal content they’ve come to know and love will remain completely unchanged.

When asked about the possibility that the legal flavour of Brexit might be changed in future, the Prime Minister gave a laugh.

“We promised another Great Repeal Bill before the election in 2010 and how many laws ended up being repealed when we got into government? Not a single one.

“What I’m saying here is that if you’re expecting these EU laws to ever actually be repealed, don’t hold your fucking breath.”