NRA supporters bemoan lack of Kim Kardashian Parisian shoot-out

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Liberal European anti-gun laws have denied the public a spectacular shootout between Kim Kardashian and armed robbers at a Parisian retreat, according to the people who live for that sort of thing.

Kardashian was robbed of millions in cash and jewellery by up to five armed assailants, who left after physically harming no-one.

NRA supporter Chuck Williams claimed the robbery, in which no-one was hurt, would have been significantly more interesting for all concerned had Kardashian and those with her been allowed to fire back with a range of personal sidearms and assault weapons.

He explained, “We’ve all seen the movies where the well-armed good guy defends their home against the well-armed bad guys – well, this could have been like that, but with a bigger butt and more Instagram.

“But no, in lily-livered Europe you can’t have guns at home so the robberies are incredibly boring and involve no-one being shot, hurt or exploded using home-made incendiary devices.

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“Apparently she’s a ‘bit shook up’ – well, good luck selling the movie rights to that.”

Williams concluded by explaining that he was ready to ‘put on a proper show’ should anyone want to break into his home, seemingly unaware that the most valuable thing in his wooden shack is his collection of chewing tobacco tins.