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Hulk Hogan challenges Trump for Republican nomination

Hulk hogan to challenge trump for Republican nomination

Hulk Hogan has said if people want someone with a background in wrestling and pornography as President he’s up for it.

The WWE star made the announcement after it was revealed that Trump has not only appeared in WWE matches but also in Playboy video in the early 2000s, leading to Hogan demanding the Republican nominee ‘get off my turf’.

Hogan told reporters that his background in hidden baldness, sex tapes, casual racism, wrestling and alliance with the New World Order made him ‘at least’ as qualified as Trump – if not more so as his proposals tend to be more concrete.

Hogan, who like Trump has blown hundreds of millions of dollars and gone through several wives, pledged to bring dignity back to the Presidential office as he announced his candidacy halfway through a cage fight between a midget and a chimpanzee.

“Let me tell you something, brother,” he said to reporters.

“Trump talks big, but what’s he gonna do when the Hulkamania runs wild all over him?

“We can settle this at the ballot box or in the ring. Either way, I’ve got this. Hoooeeee!”

When asked what the fundamental thinking of his policy framework would be, Hogan replied, “Eat your vitamins and say your prayers.”

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