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Cyclist to try riding on the road instead of the pavement for a change

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A cyclist is to test out an innovative new idea which he calls ‘riding my bike on the public highway instead of the pavement’ today.

Describing the move as a radical new concept in cycling, bicycle-owner Simon Williams said he plans to take his bicycle onto the ‘road’ for up to several yards at a time as an initial test of concept.

If successful, he hopes to spend ever increasing amounts riding off the pavement but only when there are no pedestrians about as he knows how much they enjoy his company.

“The problem with cycling on the road is that it needs a whole different set of skills to the ones you normally use on the pavement,” he told us.

“You have to spend a lot of the time going in a straight line rather than swerving all over the shop to avoid pedestrians, which will be completely out of my comfort zone.

“It’s going to be a real test to do this rather than just randomly steering left and right and shouting imaginative abuse at people as I miss them by inches.”

When asked, Simon confirmed he hoped there would be some taxis about as then he can at least shout at them instead.

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