Deer seeks historic criminal damages from Fenton the dog

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A Richmond Park deer is seeking substantial criminal compensation from Fenton the dog in what could prove to be a landmark case.

The unnamed deer was one of several that were allegedly harassed by the black Labrador in 2011.

Although the deer has yet to make a comment, lawyer Simon Williams gave a statement.

“My client has suffered considerable mental and physical trauma after a terrifying and merciless attack in his very home.

“The trauma was made worse by the humiliation that followed as a video of the attack became a viral sensation around the world.

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“In the five years since the attack, there has been no apology from the dog, no offer to make amends, simply no contact at all, and as such my client feels that his only option is to bring the matter to court.”

Fenton the dog has yet to comment on the case, although some legal experts believe this is due to the fact that he is canine in nature and therefore incapable of human speech.

Fenton’s owner Editorial consultant Max Findlay refused to comment, and merely muttered a resigned ‘Jesus Christ, Fenton,” as he slammed his door.