Labour anti-Semites demand an end to persecution

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Anti-Semites within the Labour party have demanded that the campaign of hate against them is ended.

“Being an anti-Semite in Labour isn’t easy at the moment,” said one of Labour’s more prominent anti-Semites.

“A lot of us joined the Labour party in the last year because we saw a bold new movement emerging that would tolerate and even welcome what many people see as our ‘mad’ views that there is a Jewish conspiracy in charge of everything that is awful in the world.

“For a while, it was fine. I could stand up in front of my new colleagues and state boldly that Jews caused 9/11, or Jews were responsible for the financial crash in 2008, or Jews made me stub my toe.

“But now, if you say anything like that, it’s leaked to Channel Four news and before you know what’s happening, you’re being harangued by that dreadful shrill woman just because you’ve said that ‘not just Jews should be allowed to celebrate holocaust day,’ it’s not on.”

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However, a spokesperson for the Labour leadership has played down the criticism.

“I don’t think they’ve anything really to worry about,” he said.

“Yes, I realise we’ve had to issue statements condemning anti-Semitism within the party, but I think it’s fairly clear to everyone that there’ll be no genuine action on it.

“We welcome all sorts in our party, anti-Semite or not.

“Unless they criticise Jeremy, in which case we’ll put a brick through their window and send them rape threats.”