Comet just pulled out in front of us, Rosetta scientists tell insurers

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The team working on the Rosetta mission have filed an insurance claim after insisting the comet pulled out in front of them.

Scientists at mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, filed documents with the insurance company who supplied third-party, fire and theft cover on their Rosetta space probe.

They claim that today’s collision with a comet was not their fault and that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko pulled out from behind some space debris giving their craft no option other than to pile into the side of it.

We spoke to one scientist at the space centre who allegedly witnessed the collision on his monitor.

“Rosetta was doing a reasonable speed for the conditions and definitely had the right of way when that comet flew straight into her path.

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“According to our telemetry, she slammed on the anchors, but it was futile. We’ve informed the insurance company and requested a claim form so that we can explain exactly what happened and claim the £2bn required to make a full repair.

“We’re prepared to submit a pencil drawing of the accident if necessary. There’s no way we should lose our no claims over this.

It is believed that Mission Control has asked NASA if any of their rockets were passing at the time who may have seen the incident and who are willing to be witnesses.