Meteorologists claim this winter will see worst Daily Express weather scaremongering in THIRTY YEARS

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Meteorologists are today warning Brits that Daily Express stories about the terrible winter ahead could be the worst for THIRTY YEARS.

Despite temperatures across many parts of the country still being in the balmy double digits, the Express has wasted no time in terrifying its readers about the impending snowpocalypse which will strike any day now, and last for the foreseeable future.

Meteorologists have come forward to warn the public of the terrible weather headlines to expect in the coming weeks and months.

Professional weatherman Simon Williams told us, “It was bad last year when they said the winter would be the worst in twenty years, but not as bad as 2014 when they said the winter would be the worst for twenty-five years.

“2013 was pretty awful for weather stories, especially when they said the country would grind to a halt under the snowmageddon that in the end never came – whereas 2012 was absolutely terrifying when they said it would be the coldest winter in a HUNDRED years; it wasn’t, obviously.

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“I think the safest thing to do for everyone is to remember that the Daily Express is essentially a comic book written by hysterical fantasists doing their level best to terrify you into buying their tripe and therefore agreeing with their world-view.”

A Daily Express spokesperson responded to the criticism, telling us, “Okay, so we’ll hold our hands up and admit we might not be experts on the weather, but we’re definitely the only newspaper you can trust to tell you what Princess Diana would have thought about it.”