Dreadful loser cements loser status by failing to blame everything on foreigners

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Abject loser Jeremy Corbyn further proved his reputation as national laughing stock by not blaming all of the country’s problems on immigrants and refugees.

Making his second keynote conference speech he said he would not ‘fan the flames of fear’ regarding immigration.

“Good God, what a complete loser,” said decent Englishman Simon Williams on hearing the news.

“How can he expect anyone to trust him when he doesn’t do something as simple as blaming any and all of the UK’s problems on a relatively small number of people fleeing their own war-torn country?

“I can only hope that the authorities are considering trying him for treason.”

Mr Corbyn also used his speech to trumpet a load of borderline communist nonsense such as funding public services and changing regulations to allow councils to build up to 60,000 new homes.

“The man’s a disgrace,” continued a rightly shocked Mr Williams.

“Literally nothing in his speech about giving me a minuscule tax cut that I don’t need and won’t notice.”

Mr Williams confirmed that he fully intends to carry on voting Tory.

“Good Lord, yes. I mean, granted, their policies only benefit the very richest people in the country, and they’ve led us to the single worst political crisis in a lifetime, but at least their leader doesn’t have a communist beard.

“Or if she does, it’s marvellously camouflaged.”