Tuesday 27 September 2016

Presidential debate convinces every single voter they were right all along

Presidential debate Clinton vs Trump

Every single voter in the United States found something in last night’s presidential debate to reassure them the best President will be the candidate they had already chosen.

90 million voters watched the live debate, and every single one of them saw precisely what they needed to see in order retain their view of the strengths of their preferred candidate, and the weaknesses of their opponent.

Trump supporter Chuck Williams told us, “Donald clearly won, and lying Hillary yet again avoided the request to release her emails, and we didn’t even get to Benghazi. She’s part of the system that’s failed us; only Donald can make America great again.

“She’s not fit to be president.”

Whereas Clinton supporter Barney Matthews told us, “Hillary clearly won, as Donald yet again showed he has the temperament of a young child and the oratorical skills of an even younger one – who also happens to quite like telling lies in public. God only knows what horrific things he’s hiding in his tax returns.

“He’s not fit to be president.”

Experts are predicting a massive ratings win for any channel that offers viewers the chance to watch the next debate with the option to mute the candidate they don’t like, so that viewers don’t need to go to the trouble of ignoring everything they say.

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