Tuesday 27 September 2016 by Davywavy

Labour Party going tremendously well now

Labour conference going really well now

Reports from the Labour Party conference indicate that it’s all going splendidly and there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

MPs who supported a no-confidence motion in Jeremy Corbyn mere weeks ago have given a merry laugh and cheerfully acknowledged the error of their ways, indicating that they’re ‘very relaxed’ about their conference speeches being rewritten at the last minute by members of his staff.

Meanwhile, members of the leader’s team have told us that the feeling is one of ‘all chums together’ and everyone should forget those silly things they said about deselection in the heat of the moment.

Fringe meetings are understood to be harmonious examples of team play, with the various factions respectfully agreeing to differ over minor points of doctrine for the greater good.

And nobody is even mentioning the Jews anymore.

“We’re all pulling together now and taking the fight to the Tories,” we were told in a delightfully cheerful and upbeat soiree at the Conference bar.

“It’s incredible how the recent leadership contest solved all our problems and really helped the party gel.

“And if anyone doesn’t like it they can go and JOIN THE TORIES.

“Oops, damn, I only meant to think that bit.”

When asked how many Jeremy Corbyn supporters it would take to change a lightbulb, we were told that if everyone just stops complaining about the dark and gets behind the bulb, it won’t need changing.

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