Global study finds US and UK ‘neck and neck’ in battle for world’s stupidest nation

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The rest of the world is still unable to decide which nation is the world’s most naive and gullible, a recent study of all 196 countries found.

With all eyes currently focused on the US Presidential race many ‘remain’ voters are keeping their fingers crossed for a Trump victory in the hope that it will tip the balance in favour of the Americans.

“It’s pretty tight,” said Simon Williams, a remain voter and cereal café enthusiast from East London.

“The last few days have been a good for the UK. Trump came out with some absolute gems in the debate last night. I mean the man advocates taking advantage of those who lost everything in the financial crisis and half the US laps it up.

“It’s completely unbelievable. Having said that, I have absolutely zero right to mock considering the absolute shit show in this country over the last few months. Brexit has taken away my right to laugh at the US, and that’s undoubtedly the worst thing about it.”

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The report found that the UK was derided as much as the US internationally for the first time since records began back in 1976.

Britons have reported a rise of 600% in ridicule and mockery when travelling abroad since June 23rd, with many choosing to pretend they are Scottish rather than risk the dreaded ‘Brexit conversation’.

However many in the UK are hopeful that these incidents will see a marked decline should Trump pull off a victory on November 8th.

“God I hope it happens,” confirmed Simon.

“I mean obviously I shouldn’t, the man is a racist, misogynistic, raving lunatic and makes Nigel Farage look like Winston Churchill – and the world will undoubtedly be a darker and more dangerous place with a constant threat of global warfare.

“But at least we could all laugh at the Americans again.”

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