Satirist with good idea for US mass-shooting article doesn’t have to wait long

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A satirist who had a provocative and interesting idea for a piece based around a US mass-shooting has found that he didn’t have to wait long to use it.

“It was Sunday lunchtime,” said Simon Williams, a second-rate and fictional writer for the second-rate UK based ‘satire’ website, NewsThump.

“It suddenly popped into my head; this brilliant, challenging idea that would hopefully make people laugh, but then after a few moments of chuckling, would make them stop and think ‘hmmm, yes, that’s actually really clever and makes a serious point’.”

As the idea in question regarded a US mass-shooting, Mr Williams knew it wouldn’t be long before he would have the opportunity to link it to a news report; in this case the Houston Shopping centre shooting.

“Sometimes it can be quite frustrating,” continued Mr Williams.

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“It doesn’t matter how good the idea, if there isn’t a corresponding news story then you simply can’t use it.

“So, if you have an idea for a story on a new Prime Minister’s ill-judged military venture into a Middle-Eastern country, you could be waiting up to five years, or if you have an idea that is predicated on Donald Trump saying something sensible, then you’re unlikely to ever be able to use it.”

“However, with an idea for a satirical article about a mass-shooting in the US, chances are you’ll have a news story in the next day or so.”

It is expected the article won’t turn out to be nearly as provocative nor interesting as Mr Williams expects, and will be liked by a few hundred people before being largely forgotten.

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