Lifestyle promoted by Nigel Farage putting massive strain on NHS, warn immigrants

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Health problems associated with Nigel Farage’s lifestyle are putting an intolerable strain on the NHS, immigrants have warned.

Immigrants insist that blaming them while working your way through eight pints of bitter and 40 Rothmans will make the NHS unaffordable.

Dr Szymon Wiluś said: “Conditions such as diabetes and smoking-related bronchitis are illnesses for which there is no cure.

“Cultivating a man-of-the-people image by having a pint and a cigarette permanently attached to your hands could help promote a number of conditions, such as high blood pressure, pancreatitis and cancer.

“If you’re lucky there might still be some immigrants around to look after you.”

Mr Farage rejected the claim and defended his right to hold a pint and a fag whenever a camera is nearby.

“I’ve paid into the system so it is my right as a taxpayer to encourage people to abuse it,” he said.