BBC to launch Bake Off rival with Samuel L Jackson called Cakes on a Plain

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The BBC has asked Samuel L Jackson to host a rival cookery show to Bake Off called Cakes on a Plain.

Filmed in a tent in a large, flat field, the programme will feature contestants making baked goods whilst Jackson grows increasingly vocally angry at their failures.

The show will introduce several new segments with titles like Non-Stick Fury, The Path of the Righteous Flan, and When You Absolutely, Positively Have To Cook Every Sachertorte In The Room.

The loser every week will be given the title of Bad Muffin-Cooker.

“We’re delighted to have got a star of Sam Jackson’s stature involved in the show when everyone thought we’d just end up with a complete nobody like Chris Evans,” a BBC  spokesman told us.

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“Unless it was the Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the Avengers with him. That would be great. We could have a seasonal baking segment called ‘The Winter Souffle’.

“Hey, get his agent on the phone!”

The BBC has confirmed that despite his name Paul Hollywood will not be involved.