Middle-class parents demand their stupid child is diagnosed as dyslexic

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A middle-class child whose parents insist he has ‘undiagnosed dyslexia’ is actually just not that bright, according to sources today.

The parents of Snimo Willmias, 13, have been attempting to get a dyslexia diagnosis for two years after their talented and intelligent son did poorly on the eleven plus and therefore failed to get into the local Grammar School, despite them spending £550,000 buying a house close enough to it.

Instead, he is attending a local comprehensive, which they insist is holding back his natural development and not giving him the supportive environment his disability needs.

“Snimo is really bright, he just has difficulty with words,” his mother told us over the sounds of her son playing Call of Duty in the background.

“We first noticed it in his spelling”, she added. “We told him and told him that wasn’t how you spell ‘sux gay lamr’ on chat, but he just couldn’t grasp it.

“That’s when we realised he must have some sort of disability, instead of just being a thick, spoiled lazy little sod that the three of the doctors we’ve seen have insisted he is.

“Because of his condition books are just too challenging for him, so we’ve told him he doesn’t need to read the ones he gets from school until they make allowances for his difficulties.”

Snimo’s parents plan to arrange regular meetings with his teacher to explore why he isn’t giving their son the encouragement and help he needs.

When asked the teacher commented, “They said that? Bloody hell, that’s rich, from them.”