Nobody using a Yahoo email address has first idea what ‘hacking’ is

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The news that details of 500 million Yahoo customers were stolen by hackers, has been met by blank stares from the sort of people who use a Yahoo email address.

“That’s on the interweb, right?” asked long-time Yahoo email address user, Simon Williams.

“I’ve been on the interweb since 2007 and I like the electronic mail, it’s very good,” he continued, seemingly oblivious to the fact that hackers have had access to his personal details and password for over two years.

“My daughter can send me a letter from the other side of the country, and it gets into my computer almost straight away. It’s very swish.

“Do I use my username and password in any other places on the interweb? I don’t know what you mean by ‘other places’.

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“There is more to it than the Yahoo page? Boy, that just blew my mind.”