Mum sick of so-called ‘experts’ telling her children not to eat button batteries

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Brighton Mum Eleanor Gay has hit out against medical advice of the potentially deadly risk of children eating button batteries.

“Frankly, I’m sick to death of so-called ‘experts’ dictating what’s best for my child,” she said, making air-quotes, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms all at once.

“Poppy gestated in my womb for nine months, so I think I am far more able to decide what’s best for her than these science people.”

Ms Gay explained that her philosophy of parenting was to allow children to learn for themselves.

“I respect the right of Poppy to experience anything and everything that will help grow her as a person, and if she wants to eat button batteries then she should bloody well be allowed to eat button batteries.”

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Ms Gay remained sceptical despite specific warnings that if her child were to eat a button battery, it could cause immense pain and irreparable, potentially fatal damage to her throat and oesophagus.

“Well, yes, I’m sure that’s what the big drug companies want us to believe, and then perhaps they introduce a new immunisation against button batteries, and who profits from that? The drug companies, and who gets autism from that? Poppy.

“Well, no thank you very much.”

It is understood that Ms Gay is set to organise a button battery eating demonstration on Hove lawns in Brighton on Saturday morning.