Important development probably could have been communicated over the phone, confirms detective

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A detective has confirmed that that his partner’s insistence that he ‘gotta see this’ whilst referring to an important new development in the case was actually incorrect and the nature and details of the development could successfully have been communicated over the phone.

“I gotta be honest, it’s a pain in my ass,” said Detective Kowalski.

“It was about 10.30 in the evening when the phone rings.

“I mean, I pick up, you got to at 10.30, I got elderly relatives, and anyway, it’s my partner Joe – he goes ‘Hey, Jack, you gotta see this, there’s been a development in the case’.

“I’m like ‘Okay, what is it?’ You know? I want him to tell me. I mean, it’s 10.30, it’s late, but he goes ‘No, you gotta see this.’ I’m like ‘Really, you can’t just tell me?’ I’ve brushed my teeth, I don’t really want to be going out this close to bedtime, but Joe’s insistent, I gotta see it.

“So, whatever, right? I come down here to the precinct, who cares that I was working on that new Harry Potter book and had got a pretty good way into it? I come down here because if Joe tells me I gotta see this whatever-it-is, then I gotta see it.”

On arrival, Detective Kowalski’s partner showed him a chemical analysis of the victim’s stomach confirmed he had taken an illegal substance.

“He definitely could have told me that over the phone,” confirmed Detective Kowalski.