Brad Pitt investigated after forcing his children to watch “Meet Joe Black”

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Brad Pitt is under a child abuse investigation after forcing his kids to sit through one of his worst films.

The actor starred in Meet Joe Black, an incredibly long and dull film about the grim reaper possessing the body of a handsome young man and then using it to shag the boring daughter of a bored-looking Antony Hopkins.

“It’s so bland,” confirmed film critic, Simon Wiliams.

“Nobody should be forced to sit through all six hours of that two-and-half-hour film, least of all children with standards.

“I mean he was also in Megamind, they’d have loved that. But no, he did this to them. The monster.

“I hope they lock him up and make him watch Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life on a loop for the next eight years.”

A spokesperson for Brad said, “Mr Pitt strenuously denied these allegations.

“Meet Joe Black is a tremendous film and he urges all of the world’s children to sit quietly and watch it.”