Mary Berry to front BBC’s all new CopyCake show

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Mary Berry will join Mel and Sue in fronting the new BBC Show CopyCake, in which members of the public will attempt to copy a cake made my Mary Berry.

BBC executives have been quick to point out that the show is very different to Great British Bake Off, and any similarities are purely coincidental.

BBC executive Justin turner explained, “We are delighted to announce the unique concept behind CopyCake, which has definitely been in development for years and years.

“It is very different to GBBO because first of all, this is going to be in a big kitchen, not in a tent, so it couldn’t be more different really.

“And second of all there’ll be no instruction, they’ll just be shown a cake, told what it is, then they’ll have to try and copy it. Mel and Sue will be free to describe the proceedings as they see fit, obviously.

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“Honestly, I don’t see what the issue is, this is a completely new show starring people that the public loves and that just happens to involve cakes.

A Channel 4 executive was overheard to say, “£25m for a tent and some fucking saucepans, Jesus.”