Tuesday 20 September 2016

Momentum Kids to release new range of children’s books

Momentum Kids Mr Men books

Jeremy Corbyn fan club Momentum is to launch a range of children’s books for their new political wing, Momentum Kids.

Spokesperson Marcus Williams told us, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from some of the most successful political movements in history, it’s that you’ve got to get them young.

“So if you’re child comes home one day believing that Jeremy Corbyn is Santa Claus, you are welcome.”

Mr. Socialist is the first book to be published in the new range, and will tell the tale of a character who fights for social ownership of the means of production in his local community.

Williams went on, “Mr Socialist wanders his town correcting the wrongs forced upon the people by the evil capitalists.

“I don’t want to ruin the ending, but yes, the local bus service does end up being nationalised, and everything is much better as a result.”

New Momentum Kids member, 8-year-old member Jake Matthews, told us, “I didn’t realise my Xbox was merely a tool of the ruling classes created to exploit me by creating the illusion of choice in a society which is designed to help me fail.

“I only came to the club to play ping-pong, but it turns out I’m a Marxist. Who knew?”

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