‘Establishment elite’ identified as 52-year-old Kettering man

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The identity of the establishment elite has been revealed as 52-year-old Simon Williams from the Northamptonshire town of Kettering.

Mr Williams, who has carried out numerous smear campaigns and manipulated political systems around the world in order to protect his interests, said he had no regrets about dominating power.

Speaking from his establishment bubble, Williams said: “People have long assumed that the establishment elite is made up of leading politicians, media barons and wealthy aristocrats,” he explained.

“This allowed me to build an elite power structure in my shed, completely undetected.

“Things started to unravel when Michael Gove said that establishment elites were behind the campaign to remain in the EU.

“It became even more difficult when billionaire newspaper owners with a history of tax avoidance began encouraging their readers to stand up to establishment elites.

“The game was finally up when my wife walked in on me while I was manipulating a media investigation into Donald Trump’s business practices.

“I’ve had a good run though, so I can’t really complain.”