Man refused mortgage to replace ink in his HP printer

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Factory worker Simon Williams has been refused a mortgage after applying to restock the ink in his HP printer.

Williams said he had taken on extra shifts and all overtime available at work over the last few months to save up a reasonable deposit, but that he was relying on the bank to help make his dream of colour printing at home a reality once again.

He told us, “It’s not like I’m not good for the repayments, I showed them my bank statements, my employment contract, and I even had 25% deposit in cash – but they just wouldn’t lend me what I needed for a set of high-yield colour cartridges.

“I could easily afford the repayment over the next 25 years, so I don’t really see what their problem was.

“The mortgage advisor said I had apparently ‘set my sights too high’, and someone with my level of income should be looking at more ‘entry level colour options’ like a bag of wax crayons, or maybe some felt-tips.”

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A spokesperson for Nationwide Building Society said that many first-time printer owners were simply unable to get on the printing ladder in the current economy.

Mortgage adviser Shane Matthews told us, “Unfortunately, full-colour printing is simply out of the reach of most first-time printer buyers.

“It’s not their fault, obviously, but unless you happen to have wealthy parents, or have saved up a hefty 50% deposit, I’m afraid you will have to enjoy your paper ink-free.

“Or maybe just put it on your credit card?”