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Harley Quinn’s butt to get own spinoff movie

Harley Quinn butt to get standalone movie

Recognising that Harley Quinn’s arse was the breakout star of Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers have confirmed it is to get its own spinoff feature.

The posterior, which spent most of the first film bending over in tight shorts, will get to extend its range for the sequel in a range of different costumes including a leotard and the classic black-and-red catsuit.

Leaked early editions of the script suggest her bottom will not only reprise its fan-favourite bending over role, but also be put in ‘challenging’ situations where it has to jiggle, jump about, and clench with tension before relaxing again.

“Harley Quinn’s derriere is a strong, independent character who both we and the fans respect,” said studio exec Chuck Williams.

“So it’s important that we don’t make the character too cheesecake and risk undermining the feminist message we hope the focus on her rump will send out.

“We want the character to do more than just bend over, and hope to include opportunities for her to bounce as well.

“We’re currently filming a sequence where the camera follows Harley’s bum as it – and she, obviously! – crawls through some narrow air ducts. It’s very serious and dignified.”

If the film is successful, the studio hopes to make a further spinoff featuring Harley’s cleavage.

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