Two members of Momentum successfully get off with each other

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Anthropologists have been left stunned as it was revealed that two members of Labour’s pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum got off with each other and seem to be on course to maintain a romantic relationship.

“This is a fascinating development,” said Professor of Anthropology and dull people Simon Williams.

“We simply had no idea that the sort of people who join campaign groups like Momentum or Conservative Future were capable of any sort of human emotion besides indignation.”

The two Momentum supporters, both called Ashley, are understood to have bonded through having no sense of humour and a love for the correct version of UB40.

“I know people think being in Momentum is just one sexy, glamorous life of crazy hedonism,” said Ashley.

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“But in reality, we don’t find it easy to form romantic attachments.

“Apart from anything else, it’s difficult to find time to go on dates when so much time is taken up with either being earnest or expressing outrage at the mainstream media’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

“But hopefully, me and Ashley will make it work. We’ve already got a date planned for the next Momentum meeting.

“Apparently there’s a speaker who’s going to talk about how brilliant Jeremy Corbyn is and then play his UB40 CD.

“We’re planning on snogging again, but hopefully in a way that highlights our belief in the new sort of politics that Jeremy represents.”

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