Friday 16 September 2016

Pin drop heard at UKIP annual conference as coffee is served by Polish waitress

UKIP conference

A room full of elderly white men has fallen silent after learning that the polite young woman serving their lunch should go back where she came from.

23-year-old Ewa Adamek spent 15 minutes happily bringing food and drink to racists before a short conversation with a conference delegate gave rise to questions about her ethnicity.

One UKIP conference attendee explained, “We could have had a sullen British teenager throw our food down in front of us, and kept the money in British hands. But no, not any more, thanks to political correctness and the corrupt bureaucrats inside the EU.

“Look at these foreigners, bringing their disgustingly strong work ethic and pleasant demeanour over here, completely missing what it means to be a British worker in the service industry.

“This is just another example of how we’ve let Europe take over. Thankfully Brexit will mean we can have moody domestic waiters and waitresses at all of our annual conferences in future – and I think we can all agree the country will be much better off for it!

When asked who he had voted for in the leadership election, we were told, “Only my preferred candidate for UKIP leader can hold the government to account over Brexit and make sure I get my very specific vision of what Brexit actually means!”

Comments from other attendees were limited due to a sudden rush amongst delegates to find the ‘Patriot Suite’ to attend a workshop entitled ‘You Won, And Here’s How To Make Sure Everyone Knows It!’.

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