Calls for Duke Nukem to be stripped of title amid historic sex abuse allegations

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There have been calls for ’90s action hero Duke Nukem to be stripped of his title following allegations of sex abuse spanning more than two decades.

Officers from Operation Yewtree questioned Nukem last week after several women came forward revealing a litany of offences including sexual assault, exposure, voyeurism, battery, sexual activity in a public lavatory, and lewd conduct with a rocket launcher.

One woman, speaking anonymously, revealed that Nukem repeatedly subjected her to a tirade of sexist abuse before spinning around several times, shooting a wall, and falling from a ledge into lava on the 13th January 1998.

Another spoke out after it emerged that Nukem had secretly observed her in the act of lovemaking from an oddly capacious ventilation shaft above her bed.

“In hindsight, I don’t know how we didn’t hear the fat prick – he was dragging a chainsaw and a fucking bazooka around with him.

“Plus he was talking to himself,” she added.

The allegations have overshadowed the announcement of a new Duke Nukem game last week, with much of the online discussion focusing on the abuse allegations and not on how awful the forthcoming title is certain to be.

Nukem, who lives in two-bedroom local authority house in Stevenage with his partner and her three children, was unavailable for comment.