Friday 16 September 2016 by Lucas Wilde

Belle receives a Kindle in new Beauty and the Beast movie

Kindle fire in Beauty and Beast

The famous library scene in Beauty and the Beast is to be updated for the modern age.

A leaked trailer shows Belle unwrapping a brand new Kindle Fire and £50 Amazon gift card from the titular Beast.

“It’s not quite the same,” conceded director, Simon Williams.

“But we wanted to make it relevant to our audience, and nobody knows what a book looks like anymore. So we’re updating it with the times.

“Besides, what kind of lunatic gives an entire library as a gift? I know the story is far-fetched as it is, but that’s just weird.”

The scene shows Belle unwrapping the small package, at which point Beast asks “do you like it?” and Belle replies “it’s alright, I guess”.

Longtime Disney fan, Elizabeth King, said, “bloody hell, what’s next?”

“I suppose Cogsworth will be replaced with an iPad, Mrs Pots will be a Nespresso machine and the famous dinner scene will just show Belle ordering from Just Eat.”

Williams replied, “tip of the iceberg, love.”

“We haven’t even told anyone we’ve set the whole thing in Coventry yet.”

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