Thursday 15 September 2016

Trump campaign releases photo from Donald Trump’s medical examination

Trump muscles

A new photo has been released by the Trump presidential campaign showing the Republican candidate undergoing his recent medical examination.

The image was taken halfway through the exam, just as Trump was about to have his chest and waist measurements taken.

“I’ve got to say, I feel terrific, just terrific,” explained Trump to reporters who were given the photo.

“I work out, sure, but sometimes you just get lucky in the gene lottery, you know? So I guess I gotta thank pops for this six-pack!

“I don’t like to show off though, which is why you’ll rarely see me out of a loose-fitting suit or big coat. I’m not one to brag.

“I also don’t take my health for granted, I eat right, and I do what I can to maintain this physique so I can serve the American people to the best of my abilities.

“I seriously doubt there’s ever been a presidential candidate who can bench three-hundred pounds, but as I’ve said all along, I’m not like other candidates.”

The Clinton campaign has responded by announcing they will be releasing a photo of Hillary during her own medical, which just happened to be at the beach while she was wearing her favourite Baywatch branded swimming costume.

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