Mum’s fury as son is sent home for wearing purple gimp mask to school

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A mum was left furiously staring into a photographer’s camera lens following the latest school uniform violation to hit the headlines.

Elizabeth King, 37, was horrified when little Timmy, age 10, reappeared at the front door a mere half an hour after having got rid of the little git for a blissful few hours.

She told reporters, “He looked so sad – I mean once I unzipped the front of the gimp mask so I could actually see his face, obviously.

“Timmy was so excited to wear his new gimp mask to school. He’d been polishing it all summer, and he couldn’t wait to show it off to his friends. But the school have flat out refused to let him wear it. Even though the uniform guide doesn’t mention gimp masks once!

“It’s a disgrace. The uniform rules really should be clearer and I don’t see how a gimp mask is going to hinder Timmy’s learning, unless he tries to answer a question without unzipping his mouth first, obviously, but nobody’s that thick.”

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Headmaster, Jay Cooper, said, “Despite what Mrs King says, the rules regarding gimp masks on school grounds are very clear.

“They must be in the school colours and of a modest design. Timmy’s mask was purple and had six zips and a spiked mohawk sewn into the top of it.

“I’m happy to discuss this further with Mrs King and to show her my gimp mask, in order to quell any future confusion.”

When asked what he thought, little Timmy King said “mmf thft rufflt ver suff.”

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