King Henry I slapped with massive fine after spending 900 years in a car park

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Reading Council has slapped King Henry I with a massive fine after he was discovered to have spent 900 years in a local car park.

The King was buried at Reading Abbey which was later tarmacked over and used for parking, resulting in him incurring a statutory penalty for not purchasing a pay and display ticket.

Henry I, known as Britain’s ‘forgotten King’, is about to learn that if you ever feel the world has forgotten you, just delay payment of a statutory notice to a local council, and you’ll quickly find out how wrong you are.

The fine is understood to be the largest in British history, exceeding the one meted out to Richard III when he was found to have overstayed for 500 years.

“We saw this in Leicester with Richard III,” a spokesman for Reading Council told us.

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“Just because they’re Royalty doesn’t mean they can just stay where they like on council property.

“We found Henry exceeding the posted limit by almost a thousand years. At a statutory £70 per hour over the limit, He’s is looking at serious time.

“He could get the chair for this”, he added, breathlessly.

The council confirmed that never mind being royalty, dead doesn’t mean you could get out of paying your fines.

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