DWP minister who leaked government report to Wonga regrets actions 1240%

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Following his suspension for leaking a parliamentary report to Wonga, former DWP minister Justin Tomlinson has said he regrets his actions 1240%.

Mr Tomlinson shared the findings of a draft report into regulating payday loans with an employee of Wonga, and his levels of regret increased significantly after he was caught out.

“I didn’t regret it much to start with, but as soon as my actions were discovered, my regret increased significantly,” he said.

“I tried to manage the regret by making regular small apologies, but things just started to spiral out of control.

“Before I knew it, the apologies weren’t even making a dent, and I was up to my neck in regret.”

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A spokesman for the Commons committee of privileges said: “Failure to abide by parliamentary rules can cause severe career problems.

“If you are an MP and you find yourself in serious regret, resign.”